Slackin' Church

Slackin' Church was initially launched at the 2015 C4TK Bay Area hackthon. Read more about...


  • Look up any single Bible passage, or multiple passages, using bible: John 3:16; Genesis 1:1 (separate with semi-colons)
    • Intelligently parses Bible verses using common abbreviations so that bible: 1 Cor 13:4-7 also works.
  • Participate in collaborative Bible studies.
  • Churches can offer Bible-in-Slack to read Scripture together during the sermon portion of a worship service. When the pastor says, "Turn with me to BOOK CHAPTER:VERSE," one person types it in, and the whole congregation is already there. Finally, a Bible lookup that is faster than a physical Bible and any app out there (today, I still flip through my Bible to a particular passage than I can with the YouVersion Bible app).
  • Get daily reminders to pray for a different country or region of the world, content from Operation World's prayer calendar.
  • Get your daily Scripture reading done right in Slack. Currently set up with Back to the Bible's 365 chronological reading plan -- with more reading plans to come.
  • Share prayer requests, manage and keep track of prayer requests for your small group or accountability groups right in Slack.

    pray4me: For boldness in sharing the gospel to my unbelieving family members.
    pray4: @jontsai @marc @chris.armas - pulls up individual prayer requests, or prompts them to share one if they haven't, yet.
  • Look up the weather anywhere, any time, right in Slack. weather: San Francisco, CA
  • See all available commands via htk: help

Setup Instructions

Setup is easy and should take anywhere from 5-10 minutes including account registration.